At Movies, Film, Cinema we encourage in-depth examination of new, classic, underground, and underappreciated films. This site was created with the specific desire to increase dialogue on films with readers and writers through a fun, knowledgeable, and challenging approach. In order to maintain our mission to provide higher quality, long-form articles, we do not post new posters, trailers, casting announcements, or similar news stories. The fact is, such news can be better handled by highly staffed websites focused exclusively on Hollywood news. Although we are not a news site, we frequently publish interviews, reviews, and articles timed with new and upcoming films.

Why are there stand alone issues?

While we regularly post timely articles online, each month we plan a “theme” to generate thoughtful articles. At the end of each month, a curated version of the issue will be compiled and available online AND on PDF for offline reading. While all issues are themed, some issues will include additional articles, interviews, and reviews.


If you are a writer, professional, amateur, or currently in academia, we would love to hear from you. There are two excellent ways get started. Look at the monthly issue page and see upcoming themes…if you have an idea, we’d love to read a brief proposal. Also, if there is an upcoming film you would like to write an article or review about, submit a proposal with a specific time frame. As a very new site, we are unable to compensate writers for contributions, as we are currently a non-profit site. Whenever possible we will attempt to provide access to films to writers in order to help with out of pocket expenses. Please send all emails to the editor at editor@moviesfilmcinema.com.

Publicists and Studios

We greatly appreciate assistance from publicists and studios who are able to provide screeners and interviews. If you would like to submit your film for consideration, please email the editor at editor@moviesfilmcinema.com.